Safety First

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

           The management of Oasis Grace LLC considers the health and safety at work and the environmental protection (HSE) as essential factors for the success of the Company and all departments and persons of the organization must be responsible of it from the functions they are performing.

           It is the responsibility of the Management of Oasis Grace LLC to define the HSE policy of the Company and revise and update the same according with the new requirements and procedures defined by the concern Authorities and laws.

           It is compulsory responsibility of all personnel of Oasis Grace LLC to know and follow the defined HSE Procedures.

           Oasis Grace LLC considers as base of our HSE Policy in our work centers and sites to avoid, from origin, the possible accidents, and environmental risks by integrating the HSE in all phases of development and production.

           No Blame Policy: Oasis Grace LLC intends to encourage reporting any Near miss/Incident immediately to your supervisor. OG assures you that no one will be blamed for reporting near misses/incident, rather his attitude will be highly appreciated as it helps to prevent further occurrences and develops a better safety culture

All above mentioned requires definition and development of the following points:

Safety conditions in the working centers.
Identification of the non safety conditions during development of the activities.
Identification of conditions affecting the environment during development of the activities.
Risk evaluation system.
Working procedures.
Follow up procedures of Oasis Grace L.L.C
No Blame Policy.