A Home Extension can increase the value of your property and is the best form of investment for your future. Whatever house extension your are considering, either a second storey extension or ground floor extension, at Oasis Grace L.L.C we will take the time to Iisten to your requirements and together we’ll design the best Home Improvement to suit your changing lifestyIe.

Is it cheaper to build up or out? The first question that any renovator needs to ask is ‘what’s my budget’. If it’s tight, the balance should tilt in favour of extending. … It’s estimated that building up will cost about 30% more than building out.Looking for house extension ideas? If you are planning on extending your home, then you will need to research what kind of extension you want to build. These 20 ideas will provide loads of design inspiration to help you create the best addition for your home and to get your project off the ground.